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Are you looking for a 20 to 30 minutes practice that you can do everyday and enhance the quality of your life? If yes, then Pranayama Intensive Workshop is the right choice for you.

Pranayama is the name given to the breathing exercises in Yoga through which we can control the vital energy that flows through us and as a result clear out blockages we have at physical and psychological level. When the blockages are cleared, life becomes smooth and the practitioner is empowered with more confidence, clarity and receptivity. It also helps to handle stress much better.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners of Yoga. The practices are imparted in such a way that the attendees can practice on their own without the presence of a teacher.


Clients Speak

"Breathing the right way was always on my to do list. I realized few years back that I was not breathing right, but due to heavy workload didn't have time to correct it either. I was overjoyed when I heard of Pranayama classes being held by Sonali. I can't thank Sonali enough for teaching us the right methods of breathing and meditation. It is very easy to follow as she tells you the technicality behind it. You see a huge difference in the way you feel in a few sessions itself. "

- Ashita Mathew, Bangalore

"I had attended Sonali Dash's introduction to yogic breathing technique session and since then I've regularly practiced. Her session is very well designed in all aspects. Right from a scientific explanation to every technique, and how it impacts the to cellular level to the spiritual benefits. I never thought simply changing breathing patterns can influence daily life so much. I'm much more calm, I can take better decisions. I feel more intuitively connected to my body. I recommend this to everyone who is seeking the best method in learning the endless benefits of learning yogic breathing. Thank you Sonali."

- Ekta Singh, Bangalore

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