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Sonali Dash

Yoga Teacher
About Us


I am a Hatha Yoga teacher based in Bangalore. I had a thriving corporate career in business consulting role. I discovered my passion for Yoga when I was training for long distance running. As I got deeper into the practice of Yoga, I decided to give up my corporate career and become a full-time Yoga practitioner and teacher, so that I could share my knowledge and experience with others and thereby spread the joy of practicing Yoga.

My qualifications in the field of Yoga- 

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education (Kaivalyadhama Institute, Lonavala, India)

2. QCI Level 2 (Certified by Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India)

This podcast with Jane Sparrow (the Co-Founder of The Culture Builders), elaborates my journey with Yoga and why I chose to teach it full-time.

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Online Lessons (Most Popular)

Geography is not a barrier if you want to learn Yoga. We can do live online sessions without compromising on the learning experience. All you need is fast internet connection and a computer/mobile device.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions are a fun way to get into regular Yoga practice. These sessions are conducted 3-5 times a week at your residence or your society's common room. 


Private Sessions

Get personalised yoga lessons to meet your specific goals. Enjoy the benefits of high personal attention through private lessons. 


Kids Yoga

Get them started young! We provide dynamic yoga classes suited for kids that will help them become resilient personalities when they grow up. These sessions are conducted 3-5 times a week at your residence or your society's common room.

Yoga Therapy

Do you have a physiological condition or history of medical issues? We provide specialised Yoga Therapy classes. 


Yoga Retreats

We collaborate with Spas, Ayurveda Centers and Hotels to conduct Yoga Retreats, Pranayam Intensive Workshops and Discourses on Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

Corporate Sessions

No time for a yoga class because of busy schedule? No problem! We provide customised ​sessions for corporate professionals at their office premises. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Pranayaa Intensive

Pranayama Intensive

Are you looking for a 20 to 30 minutes practice that you can do everyday and enhance the quality of your life? If yes, then Pranayama Intensive Workshop is the right choice for you.

Pranayama is the name given to the breathing exercises in Yoga through which we can control the vital energy that flows through us and as a result clear out blockages we have at physical and psychological level. When the blockages are cleared, life becomes smooth and the practitioner is empowered with more confidence, clarity and receptivity. It also helps to handle stress much better.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners of Yoga. The practices are imparted in such a way that the attendees can practice on their own without the presence of a teacher.

Clients Speak

"Breathing the right way was always on my to do list. I realized few years back that I was not breathing right, but due to heavy workload didn't have time to correct it either. I was overjoyed when I heard of Pranayama classes being held by Sonali. I can't thank Sonali enough for teaching us the right methods of breathing and meditation. It is very easy to follow as she tells you the technicality behind it. You see a huge difference in the way you feel in a few sessions itself. "

- Ashita Mathew, Bangalore

"I had attended Sonali Dash's introduction to yogic breathing technique session and since then I've regularly practiced. Her session is very well designed in all aspects. Right from a scientific explanation to every technique, and how it impacts the to cellular level to the spiritual benefits. I never thought simply changing breathing patterns can influence daily life so much. I'm much more calm, I can take better decisions. I feel more intuitively connected to my body. I recommend this to everyone who is seeking the best method in learning the endless benefits of learning yogic breathing. Thank you Sonali."

- Ekta Singh, Bangalore



I learned very good Yoga practices from Sonali. She is an excellent teacher and guides on tiniest details even on Skype. The breathing techniques have improved my lung capacity and stamina. Strongly recommend learning from her if you are sincere about learning Yoga.

Shraddha Thanawala, Mumbai

She is a wonderful and experienced teacher. She tailored the sequence of exercises as per our needs and she would ensure you would do best to your potential. We highly recommend . Cheers Anubhav and Mansi

Anubhav & Mansi Garg, Bangalore

Sonali helps to ensure perfection in every asana by taking into account everyone's body structure & psyche. Would definitely recommend her classes!

Shanmuga Sundaram Mahendran, Bangalore

Perfect teaching techniques. very effective breathing and deep knowledge of yoga...

Raminder Singh Hora, Pune

An amazing personality with perfect knowledge of Yoga.. Strongly recommend Sonali Dash if you want to learn genuine yoga!

Naveen Badri, Pune

The best yoga teacher with the best of knowledge. Perfect teaching techniques.

Sophia Tak, Mumbai

It has been a great experience doing yoga with Sonali. She understands my specific requirements and works around them. Sonali has a holistic approach to Yoga that works not only on body, but also mind. Most yoga teachers that I tried in the past focused on the physical exercises alone and left me drained at the end of the sessions. Yoga sessions with Sonali leave me super charged and positive for the whole day. I definitely recommend her to anybody looking for long term benefits through Yoga.

Rahul Pophali, Bangalore


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