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Online Yoga Classes

Live online lessons with your personal teacher at the comfort of your home.
All you need is a high speed internet connection and a laptop/tablet.

Suitable for those looking for cost effective, time-saving solutions without compromising on quality. Highly recommended!

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"I started learning yoga thanks to a very good friend who gave me a set of online classes with Sonali as a birthday present. I was going through a very difficult period in my life and this gift was deeply transformative for me. After one and a half years of learning with Sonali, I have not only overcome many of the issues triggered by that difficult period, but I have also discovered a practice that is life transforming if approached and taught in the right way.

Sonali brings into the class the holistic, integrative, and spiritual dimensions of yoga since day one. She perfectly weaves the physical training of postures with breathing exercises, diet recommendations, explanations of the philosophical roots of yoga, and she grounds all that in the final spiritual goal of meditation. I deeply value her professionalism, meticulousness, and high standards of humanity and care. She knows how to pace the learning process with the right doses of patience and perseverance; she finds a variety of exercises to help you develop body awareness, strength, and flexibility; she corrects your hip rotation, pelvic engagement, toes alignment, etc. down to the millimeter—and all that through a screen. The online format provides temporal and spatial flexibility while keeping the high-quality standards that I value the most in Sonali.

I usually tell Sonali that I see my progress with the asanas as almost magic, and I’m equally amazed at the benefits of the breathing practice for my mind. Yoga’s integration of physical and mental exercises has increased my ability to handle stress and it has improved my emotional wellness and overall wellbeing. I’m deeply grateful to Sonali for having made this possible."

- Estela Ibáñez-García, Hong Kong

"I learned very good Yoga practices from Sonali. She is an excellent teacher and guides on tiniest details even on Skype. The breathing techniques have improved my lung capacity and stamina. Strongly recommend learning from her if you are sincere about learning Yoga."

- Shraddha Thanawala, Mumbai

"Sonali is a dedicated, inspiring and compassionate teacher that shows you the true meaning and essence of Yoga. She brings a deep focus on technique, which helped me to develop and practice in a physically safe and sustainable way. By ensuring I had a solid base of fundamentals and fitness she helped me progress at a steady pace.Sonali’s training has not only shaped my body and mind but has also helped me form a relationship with my spirit and to achieve anything I set my mind to.I am beyond thankful that the universe led me to Sonali ."

- Ana Martinez, Hong Kong










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